High Purity Water

Here are a few of the benefits Kissane provides for High Purity Water customers:

  • We have our own In-House deionization facility for ultra-pure water.
  • We provide prompt service by experienced technicians.
  • Our plant manager has over 10 years experience in deionization.
  • We offer Custom Deionization.
  • We provide complete design work.
  • We provide troubleshooting.
  • Quality controlled to ensure high capacity & high conductivity.
  • Each customer is individually tracked.
  • Tanks can be picked up or delivered.
  • We provide Scheduled Preventive maintenance.
  • We provide Segregated Resin regeneration: high quality and elimination of cross-contaminated resin.
  • We have sales, service and replacement parts for all your needs including ultraviolet’s, filters, DI, RO’s and water softeners.

(315) 438-4273

2512 Burnet Ave Syracuse, NY 13206